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GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE are back with their third album "Blowtorch Mankind" on a tape with original artwork by Marald van Haasteren, crushing sludge metal monolith, released in collaboration with Vřesová Studánka, Filth Junkies and Sabotage Printing


A side:
The Ant Hill Kids
Blood Throne

B side:
Pharmaka Lugra


GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE were once praised as the heaviest and loudest sludge metal act coming from the Czech underground scene in decades. Their uncompromising droning sound and hypnotic rhythms slayed both live and from their recordings (s/t album, 2007 and “The Eclipse”, 2010 – both Epidemie Records). GOTF have built themselves a name within the metal and stoner scene, thanks to many intense live performances home and abroad - sharing the stage with bands like Crowbar, Grief, Wolves in The Throne Room, ASVA, Cursed, A Storm of Light, Capricorns, Lair of The Minotaur or headlining “Doom Occultista” tour through Finland in 2008.


Unfortunately, GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE split up too soon; not long after their second album release early 2011. They have been missed since then… but after eight long years, during which time Aleš (drums) spent mostly on the road working with acts such as Unsane, Melvins, Big Business, Sunn O))), Ulver, Boris or High on Fire, the original two founding members crossed paths once again - and started writing new music.


And these days, GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE are returning with their third album “Blowtorch Mankind”, coming out 22th February 2022 on CD (Epidemie Records). The band’s very own crushing and heavy sound is right away recognizable from the first tones, now developed further more thanks to the band’s dear friend and studio engineer extraordinaire, Amak Golden (Killing Joke studio engineer and FOH for Boris, Unsane, Mono or Helmet) who took care of the whole recording process, mixing and mastering of the album in the Golden Hive Studios in Prague. The album is an instant milestone in GOTF’s legacy true to the band’s uncompromising sludge metal intoxication and total fascination with slow and hypnotic rhythms. All four new tracks, spanning over almost 40 minutes, promise a sonic trip through earsplitting dark worlds doomed to eternal damnation.


The album artwork continues in the dark, ominous, black and white tradition of previous GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE records – respectively Chris Narcosis’ and Seldon Hunt’s work on the past albums. The band has yet again teamed up with another incredibly talented illustrator, Marald van Haasteren, who with his depiction of The Ant Hill Kids theme, inspired by “Blowtorch Mankind” album’s lyrics and monstrosities carried by self-proclaimed messiah Roch Thériault, hit the Golgotha nail right on the head and created captivating and multi-layered imagery that is in Marald’s own words “blacker than black” and absolutely resonates with the overall album’s sound and tone.


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